Ignite Sport Aims to Bring World-Class Football Training to the Youth of Greece

We achieve this by:

Partnering with only top brands in the world of sport

Ensuring a level of organization and transparency at all levels

Recruiting top-notch coaches to mentor and train our youth

Meet the Team

We have gathered a group of experienced, passionate individuals with the right qualifications to lead Ignite Sport

demitri douzenis


Demitri is well known for bringing passion, intensity, and creative vision to his projects. Professionally, as a successful entrepreneur for two decades, he has helped build several businesses and fostered relationships that have flourished into the success of numerous ventures.

Jessica douzenis

Chief Marketing Officer

Jessica is a multi-lingual entrepreneur and creative director that has worked with global brands, SMEs, NGOs, charities, and individuals in helping them grow their ideas, products, services, and overall brand value and outreach.

Aris Savourdos

head of football
Aris recently became the new head coach of Μ.Α.Ν.Ο. ΑΧΙΛΛΕΑ FC, and comes with a wealth of experience in over 2 decades of coaching, professionalism, and passion. Aris holds a UEFA B1 certification.

Michael Casale


Michael is a licensed CPA in both USA and Canada, living in Italy. He has ever 10 years experience as CFO for companies in various sectors, including managing budgets of over $30M. This is his first foray into sport and developing youth, which is fast becoming his passion.

We are, First and Foremost, an Educational Organization

Our vision

At Ignite Sport, our vision is rooted in our identity as a foremost educational institution. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where education transcends economic barriers, ensuring accessibility for all while honoring the rich culture, beauty, and humanity of Greece and Greeks.

Our core belief is centered on the holistic development of our youth, extending beyond the realm of physical and technical prowess. We are committed to nurturing their emotional and psychological well-being, igniting a sense of purpose and instilling values of duty and responsibility towards our community.

Through this comprehensive approach, we aspire to empower the next generation with the knowledge, character, and compassion necessary to make a lasting, positive impact on both their lives and the world around them.

brands we have worked with

Contact Us

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