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Secure your spot by August 24! Spaces are filling up fast!

Ignite Sport is proud to partner with Buffon Football Academy to bring Greece's first Official Buffon Summer Camp - specialized training for goalkeepers.

For the first time in Greece, Ignite Sport, dedicated to providing sporting excellence, is bringing specialized training for goalkeepers in the Buffon Method for our youth.

Proven Method

The Buffon Method: Developed from over 30 years experience by Gianluigi Buffon himself 

Elite Training

The latest technical equipment to challenge goalkeepers to do their best

Certified Coaches

Direct from Italy, a Buffon Football Academy Head Coach will lead a team of Greek UEFA and Buffon Method certified coaches for the best elite goalkeeper training

"The pitch is the most beautiful part of the game, it gives you emotions which bring meaning to life."

Gianluigi Buffon

Buffon Summer Camp Features

specialized goalkeeper training

puma training kit

Gigi demands the best possible kit and has chosen PUMA as the official outfitter. All participants will have an official Buffon Academy kit.


Developed from over 30 years experience by Gianluigi Buffon himself 

certified coaches

Led by UEFA certified coaches, our first-rate team are trained in the Buffon Method

latest technical equipment

Unique and specialized goalkeeper-specific sports equipment

injury prevention & recovery seminar

At times, the physical demands of goalkeeping require personal care. We will teach you small and effective ways to improve your recovery

athlete psychology seminar

Life is 90% mental. We will help give you the tools to tackle the unique challenges a goaltender faces

mentoring chats

Talk to your coaches and fellow peers about interesting subjects and scenarios unique to the most important position in football

Loads of fun!

Make new friends and engage in challenging yet exciting activities

athlete's nutrition seminar

You are what you eat! We will help you understand how food fuels the athlete's system


until buffon summer camp begins!

start your pre-season training in Nea Kios - an idyllic location

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